NY subway ticket machines

I took a trip to the US recently and Revolut worked flawlessly there.
The only problem I had was with New York subway machines. They’d ask me for the ZIP code of my Revolut card, and I have no clue what this could be. Choosing “credit” instead of “debit”, putting a random ZIP or waiting 10 seconds for the ZIP code screen to disappear from the machine wouldn’t help.
So I didn’t manage to make it work. I eventually had to withdraw cash to be able to buy my tickets.
After coming back home, I googled this and realized that typing “99999” as ZIP code would presumably have worked. That’s what the Revolut support told me as well.


you can key in any random 5 digit numbers and select Debit… it’ll still work. Usually I’ll just key in 00000

@lemisma - We’ll work on a way to make this more obvious to you when you’re buying a metro ticket! Perhaps a general travel advisory when we see that you’re in the NYC area?

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That would be awesome !

Had the same thing happen to me! Here’s my story:

When I arrived in NYC, I first tried paying for my MTA MetroCard with Revolut, two times.

The zip I entered when prompted was my Belgian zip code. It didn’t work but after trying a second time, I received two notifications of transactions at MTA (the NYC subway) on my phone. I freaked out and told the clerk about this. He said to me non-US residents have to input “99999” as zip code.

I tried a third time, this time with that “99999” zip code and it didn’t work: my balance was already too low. I gave up and used my usual Belgian card. Meanwhile, two times 32$ were removed from my Revolut balance, even though the transactions were “pending” (but in fact denied).

I reached out to the Revolut support and I was told I would get my money back 10 days later, time required for the transaction to be cleared out.

Later during my stay, I had to refill my card and confidently used my Revolut card (I had topped it up previously and there was plenty of money). Pin accepted, zip code accepted as well and the infamous “Transaction denied” message appeared on screen once again, and again, the money was removed from my account.

My Revolut card has worked everywhere in NYC besides the NYC subway.

Same problem here.
I tried with “99999” ZIP code and went step further with another credit card from my country and still I would get an error - so maybe is not only a Revolut problem.

I hope I get my money bag, just raised an issue.

Any update on this problem?

I tried filling up my metro card several times (with 99999 as zip). Failed every time (wrong zip), and as a result I have quite some money in ‘Pending’ state for almost a week now.
Had to use a different card eventually.

Is this a revolut problem or an MTA problem?

Pending transaction will automatically be cleared in max 10 days following the initial transaction and the credit will be added back to your balance.

I do understand that, but that doesn’t fix the issue that I can’t use my revolut card on an MTA vending machine.

In the mean while I figured out the trick to get your revolut card working with the MTA vending machines.

When asked for your zip code, just press enter, do not key in any number, not even 99999 just enter. I can confirm this works.


I’m sorry, I can confirm that I just tried that and it didn’t work. As 99999 also did not. I could not get the MTA machine to work at all, and what’s worse, you only get limited attempts because each failed one blocks money from your account.

That’s odd, I’ve been doing this for the last few months, on different machines (the big ones and the small ones) in different stations, and it always works. What happens exactly once you push enter without pushing any numbers?

The MTA/Revolut indeed blocks the amount on your card even if the transaction failed. Which is incredibly annoying. They basically steal that money from you for 10 days.

This happened to me last night as well! I specifically went to check all the travel advice in the Revolut FAQ and followed it exactly, putting in “99999” as my Zip Code. Got the same error messages that people described above and WAS STILL CHARGED… TWICE!!! This is very disappointing and not a good start to my holidays in NYC. I was trying to buy the Unlimited card for a week, which means I was charged 66 DOLLARS in total!! :frowning: And obviously the Revolut Chat Support was already closed. A question to Revolut: Why do you still have this advice in your FAQs when it is very clearly NOT working and resulting in your customers getting charged without being able to buy a Metro Card? Doesn’t show great care for our issues tbh as it’s been flagged here numerous times! How do I even know I’ll get my money back? :frowning:

Hey @Dorothy :slight_smile:

You unfortunately need to wait 10 days :frowning:

Still waiting… :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey @Dorothy :slight_smile:

This is not normal! :frowning:
Did you get in touch with the in-app support team through the More tab of the app, clicking Support and typing live agent? :iphone:

Also, you can ask for @anon33247966 's help. He’s magical :star2:

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I tried to! But the waiting time at the moment is TWO hours and I didn’t have time to wait that long! :pensive:

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Hey @Dorothy

I feel you :disappointed_relieved:

@anon33247966 could you help me with your magical skills? That would be great! :slight_smile: