Numerous cancellations in Mexico

I’m currently traveling in Mexico and using my revolut debit card. I’ve not experienced any problem while paying with the card, but after a week or so, numerous payments have been canceled. This seems to be only happening in Oaxaca and for some shops/restaurants/hotels only. For instance on the 1st of August, I went to a shop, then to two restaurants and then to a hotel. I also withdraw some cash. A week later, one of the restaurant and the hotel payment were canceled, but the rest is ok. Strangely, the next day I went to one of the same restaurants, the one which bill was not canceled. I paid again with the card and one week later, the payment was canceled!

As far I as I understand, the merchants did not “claim” in time the payment and that’s what triggering the cancellation. That’s very unfortunate, as I’m not in Oaxaca anymore and I don’t plan to get back there in the near future. So if the cancellation is confirmed, I will have no way to pay for the service I was actually given.

Is there something I can do? Did some of you experiment similar problems? Of course on my side, this is not a “problem” in the sense that I’m not losing money, quite the opposite. But this is really dishonest, to say the least…

When I was in similar situation- merchant debited my account ones again (without cancellation :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for your answer. Do you remember how long it took?

I think they still can request the money even after it was cancelled. It happened with few transactions in Dubai and Manila.

But it will take some days.

Not so long… 2 days…

I have the same problem with payement un Canada and it’s been two weeks since the payement was cancelled and the merchant didn’t take back the money.
All of my payement in Montreal were cancelled