Numéros bancaire compte local

Bonjour, nouvelle utilisatrice de banque Revolut, je suis confuse à propose de l’IBAN.
Beaucoup de questions et réponses ont été revendiquées, mais je n’est pas réussi a trouver de solutions.
Étant en Angleterre j’ai ouvert un compte GBP.
On me demande de communiquer mes coordonnées bancaire pour recevoir un virement.
Quand je vais dans l’onglet “local” mon nom et prénom puis “compte” avec 8 numéros s’en suit de “sort code” avec 6 numéros. Par ailleurs dans l’onglet “swift” j’ai IBAN+ BIC
Ma question est : quels numéros de comptes dois-je donner, Local ou Swift, pour recevoir un virement UK ?


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你是否会继续每一个法国邮政这样做? :laughing:


:laughing: עדיין לא החלטתי, אבל אולי כן. לעזאזל, כן, בהחלט! בטוח


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Fais attention ici Alessandro est le gendarme du forum tu dois écrire english Sinon il fait semblant de ne pas te comprendre, il est un peu contre l’esprit de communauté en fait.

He actually never does so. He always answers something that makes sense, answering the question, but in a completely different, unrelated language.The fact that you never bothered to translate it only proves his point further :wink:

I disagree. Je ne suis pas d’accord. No estoy de acuerdo.

It might not be the way I’d do it, that’s for sure, but he’s showing his disconformity (in a somehow elegant way) just by helping the OP (original poster) in just the same way he/she came into the community.

yes and it does not hurt anyone in fact, let’s do it, otherwise it participates very well in English! Sorry for the google translation, good evening.:wink:

Ah ouai je vois c’est très avenant dis donc :+1:

Hello, new bank user Revolut, I am confused to propose the IBAN.
Many questions and answers have been claimed, but I have not been able to find solutions.
Being in England I opened a GBP account.
I am asked to provide my bank details to receive a transfer.
When I go in the tab “local” my name and first name then “account” with 8 numbers follows “spell code” with 6 numbers. Moreover in the tab “swift” I have IBAN + BIC
My question is: which account numbers should I give, Local or Swift, to receive a UK transfer?

Thank you

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Si vous êtes en angleterre, le sort code + account number sont suffisants.
Pour un virement en Euros, utilisez l’IBAN.
En dehors de l’europe, ou en devise autre, utilisez le SWIFT.

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As for people complaining about the language thing: not everyone speaks english very well, and I can understand they don’t know the banking vocabulary.
It’s a community where people try to help each other out :slight_smile:

Only in topics where it turns into a debate (or the “ideas” section), I would suggest English only :+1:


The local one, not the SWIFT. SWIFT only if you want to receive GBP funds from other countries. SWIFT transfers might come with fees and you might receive less than what the sender wired.

I am sorry, but I dont agree. Nobody expects native fluency, but the least one should be able to expect - particularly from people seeking assistance by the community - is the tiny effort to communicate in the common forum language. That is not only a sign of respect but also a way to contribute to the community.

Cest repartit pour un tour , il ne lâche rien :disappointed:

It’s not just a “tiny” effort for many many people.
Lots of people download this app, see their language in the user interface and probably expect the same when they see the community. Which I totally understand.

If they have an issue, they don’t really contribute to the community, they only need a little bit of help from their fellow Revolut users.

If you think that everyone who doesn’t speak English is disrespectful, you won’t be happy…

It should be possible to expect a certain basic level of English from most people these days, especially those who are online and use services like Revolut

I am afraid I disagree. It takes one quick glance at the forum to notice which language is in use. Literally two seconds. Heck, even the forum UI language is English.

They contribute indirectly by starting a discussion about issues others may also experience at some point. If these discussions are exclusively in French those threads become pointless.

Different issue, do ignorant people make one happy :wink:

Isn’t calling (or playing with the idea of calling) people who don’t speak english “ignorant people” going just a bit too far? :confused:

Did I do that? I dont think so :wink:

I called people ignorant who (deliberately) ignore pretty obvious facts.