Number has changed


I no longer have access to the phone number my card was registered to.

Am I able to change my number so i can access my account?


It was discussed many times…
Install the app on a new phone, tap “change number” on the welcome screen.


Yes, I already made it like you said, but no one from support is answering to me


Ok, in that case I strongly recommend either contact via DM on Twitter, or ask @AndreasK for help


Thank you!
@AndreasK hello, can you help me to change my number in order to log into the old acc?


Sure. Send me a direct message please :slight_smile:


Thank you. Everything is solved.

Only one question why I cannot order card with free shipping?

It is because protion is over?


Unfortunately the offer is no longer available :frowning:


Okay, I understood.

Thank you!

Have a good day