Number change


So I got a new phone number and I tried to change the phone number. When I changed the number in the app it asked me for a password which I putted the same that I have and out of nowhere it logged me off from my revolut account and opened another one with 0 cash in it… Just a new revolut account. I had to out my older phone sim on the cellphone to be able to log in again on revolut and have my account. How can I have my number in my revolut account? I tried everything and I can’t change it… Anyone experiencing the same?

Thanks for your time in advance.




Hi there. You need to contact the in app support chat. They can close the new account for you and help you to change the phone number associated with your account.

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So I have changed my number and when I went to the option for same, after getting the OTP on my new number, an error message flashed saying “something went wrong”, even though the app detected the OTP from the messages correctly. So, there was no continue sign. Now my passcode recognizes with my new number but again I cannot go past the OTP page as it shows the same error and then it says there has been some unrecoverable error and to completely remove the application and reinstall it again.
What I fear is if I reinstall the application, will it accept my old number or not.