Notification Problem

Hi guys,

I’m hoping someone can help with a Bug that I’ve been experiencing since November last year. Repeated attempts to get updates or progress from the in-app chat support has come to nothing. They just keep saying that tech teams are working on it, but it’s a little bit crazy that it’s still not fixed.

I’ve attached a screengrab - essentially a payment was made from one of my other accounts in to my Revolut account and it needed verification, which I completed, but the notification has hung around at the top of my home screen ever since and won’t go away despite updates to the app; clearing of cache; uninstalling and reinstalling.

Any ideas? It’s driving me a little mad now!


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Are you on android ? Have you ever tried to “force stop” the app ? And if so, have you tried to clear the cache on your app or even the data and to login again right after ??

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Hello @oioisav :wave: ,

Sorry to hear about your problem. :frowning_face: May I know if the tech team is still working on it and you are still facing the same issue? :thinking:

Thank you for helping out @Svntx. :sunflower:

SG | Community Team

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