Notification and email spam, ads in chat and transaction list. No opt out?


It seems Revolut has started using notifications to push advertising spam. I’ve just got it for the second time within the past couple of days. Apparently, it cannot be switched off.

Way to put your customers off even more, congratulations.


Stop the spam

Are you a UK-based customer? I am based within Europe and have not received a single one so far


No, I’m not. The first one was for some lousy insurance scheme, maybe not available where you are (lucky you!), but the one today was flogging R***t Business.

Good products do not need hard sell.


Well I saw a small banner in the transaction field of the app but nothing intrusive…no pop-ups…strange


Yes, I too got a small banner, very unobtrusive and related to Revolut Business. Seems logical of Revolut to inform their customers of the new service. Didnt mind at all.


Two cross-selling attempts in three days is quite intrusive in my book, especially as this was one problem Revolut didn’t suffer from before (or at least I did not experience it). Sure, some people might love being “informed” this way but for the rest of us there should be a way to opt out.


I get numerous similar notifications in all my other financial apps, including Monzo, Curve and HSBC. They usually relate to new products but occasionally to existing ones too.


Well, I have no interest in notifications about new products, which is why I would like to opt out of them, and this is the first company that appears not to let me to do this.


I’ve had several and I’m uk based. I was told to contact support and tell them to stop. They said they would and they haven’t.

Great way to piss your customers off.


Yes, this was also what the support told me, confirming I opted out and promising I will not be getting it again.

And then I did get it again, the next day or so. After contacting support once more, I was then told it’s impossible to opt out.

The problem is, the right to opt out is guaranteed by data protection laws both in the UK and the EU. Further, if these are third-party products being advertised (as is the case with any insurance policies, which are not issued by Revolut), it must be limited to those who opted in to such communication.

Just a moment ago I also got spammed by Revolut over email. This must be the first email I ever got from them: clearly the changes to fees, markup and terms of service were never important enough to warrant a notice sent out to the customers but this hopeless, ridiculous insurance they are peddling now is.

And in the chat window there is now a message imputing that I wanted to “try out” the insurance but couldn’t due to a technical issue, so the “good news” is I can try it now. No, I did not want to try it, although I’m not surprised to hear they had a technical issue again. This is really getting desperate.


Executive summary
If you sign up for Revolut, you will get:

• Notification spam
• Email spam
• Ads obstructing the transaction list
• Ads in live chat masquerading as support messages
• More to come

As of now, no one has been able to succesfully opt out of any of these. Customer support will accept and confirm your request, and then you will keep getting all of these anyway.