Notification about low balance

It would be nice to get a notification when your balance is low (eg. lower than fixed value like 50 Euro or set by a user).

It’s easy to forget about top-up and it’s to nice to be declined a payment.

Auto top-ups doesn’t solve this - it’s not the same security. And it doesn’t work with top-ups from bank (not card).


That’s a good idea. I use such a feature already with my more traditional private and business accounts. I would also use this with Revolut.


That’s a nice idea :slight_smile: We agree!

We’re working in it as we speak!


This is literally the ONLY thing stopping me from going premium. If you could set you own balance warnings I’m all in

Yes I agree great idea.

A notification informing us to top up or making a bank transfer when the amount is below 20€ for example (the amount can be defined by users).

That is encouraging users to better pay attention with the amount remaining :+1: