Nothing is working


I received my card yesterday , tried to activate it but that did not work,i always got an error message to try later.
Reinstalled the app , tried for at least 30 times to get the code ,never received a code so far.
I have money on my card ,what do i do now?
Very disappointed , feels like being robbed by revolut.


How are you trying to activate your card?
When you receive a new card you just make a chip & pin transaction to activate.


Yes but i still need to confirm my identity and be able to access my account and that does not work so any solutions?

Envoyé de mon iPhone


ID verification is an automated process. When it fails, it is most likely because the photos weren‘t readable. Blurry, with glare, cropped documents, too dark …

Make sure to provide sharp, readable, uncropped and unaltered photos that are well lit. You can upload them via support chat and ask them to verify you manually.

Unfortunately, this might then take a while. I believe manual ID verification is handled by a different team than the regular support.

You can also try to contact them via Twitter. But consider that it‘s weekend and that social media isn’t monitored 24/7. And next Monday is a bank holiday in the UK.


Do you actually read the mails? It is not a problem of photos ! The app is just not working and i can’t access it anymore since after re-installing it again i receive no code via sms.
For the id verification after i entered my phone number and press next i always received an error message so i could not even send the picture.


My mistake, sorry.

When SMS delivery fails, it can have many reasons.

After an SMS is sent, you can wait a minute or two. On the screen, a link „didn’t receive text“ should appear. it connects you to support. They can also provide you the security code.

Unfortunately, there might be waiting time. You can also try Twitter. Or you could write @AndreasK a personal message here in the forum.

(Social media and this forum isn’t monitored 24/7 by support and Monday is a bank holiday in UK, so you might face above average response time, unfortunately.)


Hi there. I’ve replied to your DM. Apologies for the delay I was out of the office.