Nothing but problems


Have to say I’ve had nothing but issues since I’ve had the card and my last trip was the final straw. Card was denied at JFK airport during a layover, contacted Revolut to be told it was because they swiped which I accepted as fair enough (even though it was used fine in swipe machines at various points on the trip). Got to my destination of Nashville and tried it in several atm’s and got denied to no surprise at all. Contacted Revolut who told me I needed to try it in Mastercard atm’s and had to assure them several times I already was. They then eventually figured it out that an irreversible block had been put on my card due to suspicious activity. Firstly I’m infuriated because I had contacted Revolut pre trip to check my card was ok as I had no trust in it already and got told my card would be fine to use. Secondly I find it bizarre that suspicious activity was suspected on my card and there was no attempt at all to contact me and let me know. I arrived in Nashville on a Saturday and my emergency replacement card arrived the following Friday, the day before I went home :confused: By some stroke of luck I had my Nationwide debit card with me so had to use that for withdrawals so numerous charges and fees occurred which I didn’t need. If I hadn’t had that card with me I literally would’ve had no choice but to go home. The exchange rate may be better than a normal travel card however a normal travel card would’ve saved me money over a Revolut one


this is why some people are asking for a second card to be linked to the same account , as this hopefully would have solved your problem , would also allow partners to spend independently of each other