Notarized English translated document mandatory

Good Morning,

I had a Revolut account only for 5 days.

I was actually requested yesterday to provide NOTARIZED English translated evidence that I own my company despite sending certified French documents in order to have my own $$$ IBAN account number. It is a request from your partner.

Please consider that you have to convince your overseas business customers that it is safe to put money on a British account of a 2-year old start-up company instead of their well-known expensive bank nearby. You decide at front to advise customers: here is UK, talk our language, take our rules or go away. Not sure that every French company will go to notaries to have the right to send you money with risk. If they do, this will be for limited amount of money and limited time on Revolut account.

I requested feedbacks about Revolut to UK friends in my business and they all did not know you (asking me to try first!). As one of them said, they are maybe dinosaur. I came to the conclusion that you had a today limited French business customers base dealing with dollars and I would jeopardize my company sending my $$$ business to a Revolut account.

Please allow me suggestions on this blog.

Please consider that it would be more efficient to find a way to translate on your own French documents (making foreign customers feel at home!) than only mentioning that it is a mandatory request of your partner – “nothing you can do about it” according to your support. Honestly, it is really a business killing sentence.

Please also consider that your support should request French documents and not English ones, it means K-bis, Statuts, RIB… instead of commercial registry, articles of association, …

Approaching foreign companies like there are English ones is maybe something not so productive, losing customers because of administration is clearly not.