Not verified after 4 days


How long should I expect to wait for verification? I tried contacting the in-app chat but have not recieved any reply…


Chase em up via Twitter


Usually takes less than 5 minutes. Hit them up on Facebook or Twitter.


5 min , ha-ha, a friend of mine wait 2 weeks now with 2 times passport upload and 2 times account blocking and nobody responds in the chat it is a mess…the support is the worst I ever have seen and this is financial stuff which is worse!


What kind of verification are we talking about though? Top-up limit increase verification?


Nope just the verification to be able to use my card


Well it took them 10 minutes to verify mine and all my friends was around 5 to 10 minutes as well. It was weeks ago though. I don’t know if some nationalities require them to do any background checks or something. Verified with a Portuguese ID.