Not Valid Debit Card


I was trying to add my Revolut card into my barclaycard Visa credit card to pay the balance and I get this notification about the Revolut card


It says it is not a valid card. I have used the card to make a payment using my PIN successfully. I have double checked the number etc.

What gives?

Actually, Revolut’s card is a prepaid card, not debit card. Maybe there is the problem…


You might want to double check Revolut‘s T&Cs. i remember vaguely they don’t allow payments to other financial institutions by card. You can make a bank transfer to your Barclays account, though.

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Yeah, that is what I did - I transferred the money instead. I always do that with Transferwise anyway, just thought it would be quicker & easier to have another card stored for paying the Visa card off.

TransferWise gives you a debit card, revolut’s present itself a prepaid card. A work around I found was to use Curve in front of :r:'s

this also helps with the withdrawal limits on supported currencies btw

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That’s interesting. Not come across Curve. I will investigate that, thank you.
So, if I was withdrawing cash from an ATM from Revolut card via Curve, the monthly limit would be bypassed?

I think Transferwise has not fully rolled out the debit cards. Last time I logged in to my main dashboard it said that they were coming at some point.

Obviously not. You are still using the same Revolut card in the background :wink:

correct. just be careful to set the right currency on the curve app so they don’t do any currency exchange. it’s cheap but :r:evolut’s is better :wink:

the thing is the underlying card sees the withdrawal as a purchase. so revolut in this case doesn’t count it as cash withdrawal and therefore you aren’t affected by that limit

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really? Wow, I have to check it then :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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and if that’s not enough, curve has cashback on some stores :wink:

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