Not using BIC

Hey there,

I’m new to Revolut, got my card yesterday. What if I going to transfer money from european bank to my Revolut account without BIC (REVOGB21) just using my Revolut IBAN?

For SEPA EUR transfers, only the IBAN is necessary. (The BIC is deprived from the IBAN). But make sure to double check the BIC if possible. Right now, there is a glitch with the system. Send the transfer only if it shows the correct IABN REVOGB21, and do not send it if a bank’s online banking changed it to REVOGB2L. (REVOGB21XXX is fine, though.)

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@Frank thank you for your answer. Yes I am already aware about this glitch by scrolling through this forum. :slight_smile:

But I can confirm that transfers are back to normal. At least for me. I transferred 50 bucks last night as a test and they arrived just fine this early afternoon. This might be different for different banks, of course.