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Hey everyone!

I noticed a bug on the app: my contacts are not fully listed. In my case, only the ones whose name starts with a D and upwards are shown.

Beat regards

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Hmm, everything seems OK in my app: all contacts are alphabetically listed.

I would exit the app, check that all contacts are from the same source (SIM, Phone or Google), check that they are all displayed correctly in antother chat app (such as WhatsApp), then login back to Revolut to see it the problem is still there.
If yes, then inform Revlolut the model of the phone and software version.



The contacts are all from Google but I tried to import them to the Phone and the problem continues. In other apps such as Whatsapp there is no similar problem.

My phone is the Oneplus 5 and my android version is 7.1.1.



I now realized the problem! Revolut ignores the contacts that don’t have a country code.

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This happens to me also and I’ve seen it happen for some friends. Sometimes I have 5/18 contacts … after a while I get them all back

The ones that were missing had country codes, so that does not seem to be the problem. Seems to be just random

Saw this happen on iphone 7, pixel 2 and asus zenfone.



Same problem, some contacts just don’t appear in the app…



Hi there, this is a bug that has previously been fixed on the app. Can I please ask you to update and confirm if you can now see all your contacts? If not we can have a private message conversation where I take some more specific details and we can investigate for you. Kind Regards.

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Hi all, as per the above, closing this ticket as it appears that you now have all regained your revolut friends. Regards.


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