Not Revolut account - yes it is - help us out !!!!!!!


So if I have done a bank transfer to Trading 212 from my Revolut account, the money has arrived to Trading 212 in GBP, but GOOD LUCK having it back or getting help on the chat.

Because Trading 212 are saying they can only send the money back to the senders sort code and account number this ends in an account number 73152596.

Which customer services do not recognise as being a Revolut one, after a lot of shouting, screaming and hair pulling, the agent has decided to actually help, and transfer to the payments team, which was requested in the first few minutes…

As soon as you are connected to the payments team, they know how to solve the problem, it is a payment processor for Revolut and the money is stuck with them, but it will take 20 working days…

this is trading 212