not reject wrong transfer

My boss sent me salary on your bank 30-80-12, 14088868
but adressed to me. I don’t want you put me the money on my account, bus only reject this wrong transfer and my boss can send me on my bank account. Please, do it.

Hey kkmajba

This is a public forum. We have no way of doing this. You either have to contact in app support via the app - type “live agent” to get past Rita.


Wait for a Revolut employee see this issue at some point. This will most likely take longer than contacting support directly through the app.

Hi there. Why not transferring the funds to your bank account once the transfer reached your Revolut account?

How? I dont have the money, i get it when you reject my boss transfer to your account and then he transfer the money to my revolut account, but until you do this I dont have money.

So once the money has been returned he will wire it again to Revolut?

Are the numbers you originally quoted your personal/local GBP account?

the same happened to me. They sent it to this account instead of my own and now I’m trying to get my money back. Whose account is this anyway? What happened with your situation?