not receiving verification codes + urgently need to access account

I’m currently in Ireland (on my UK/GiffGaff number) and trying to log into the Revolut app, which I just re-installed on my phone.

verification codes are not coming through, despite roaming being turned on, there being full coverage and there being no issues on giffgaff’s end.

commute regularly between Ireland and UK and Revolut has always worked perfectly (incl. receipt of verification codes).

urgently need to access account to transfer money to a UK account.

can anyone help?

thanks in advancve

have you tried to tap “I don’t have SMS”, then choose either “phone call” or “live chat”

Hi there. Please let me know if you need help. :slight_smile:

I am new here. My son has wiped my phone. I am in Canada, moved from the UK. Can’t open my révolut again