Not receiving notifications


Over the last few days, I haven’t been getting notifications about transactions from Revolut. Is there a known issue in the backend?

Device: Google Pixel XL
OS: Android 8.1
App version: 4.9.0

Notifications are turned on both in the app, and the global notifications settings.

As a side note, it’d be really useful if notifications bundled on Android instead of overriding the previous notification.


Hi there.

Could you please try to log out and log back in the app?


Hey Andreas,

I’ve done that, but I’m still not getting transaction notifications from Revolut.


Thank you for trying. I’ve passed it on the tech team & I hope we’ll find a solution soon.


Thanks! Just a quick FYI, I also since tried signing out, then clearing data/cache for the app, and setting it all up again, but still no notifications.


I am guessing it has something to do with Android 8.x version. After upgrading my phone to Android OS to 8.0.0 version notifications are not working. Tried reinstalling the app multiple times. Logging out & in also did not solve the issue. Both Revolut app and Android Revolut notifications are on.

Phone: Xiaomi Mi A1
OS: Android 8.0.0
App ver.: 4.9.0


I don’t think it has anything to do with Android 8.x. I’ve had no issues getting notifications on 8.0 and 8.1 up to now. It just stopped working for no apparent reason, no OS update, just (I think) the update to 4.9.0 of the app.

Could be a coincidence that you happened to upgrade the app and OS around the same time?


I made a simple test now. I have two Android devices (ver. 8.0 and 5.0) running same Revolut account. After requesting money from another account only Android 5.0 device showed the notification on the status bar. It seems that this bug is related to Android 8.x version. I wonder if anyone at all is getting notifications on Android 8.x devices?



It might be worth noting Google Play Services version too. Mine is 11.9.51 (940-177350961).


Mine is 11.9.51 (448-177350961)


Still doesn’t work in ver. 4.9.1


Announcement in the app…


Any update on this issue @AndreasK?

Still not receiving any notifications. :frowning:


Same here, it’s being a while since last time I got one, have you guys updated the targetSdkVersion or something, can it be related with Android 8?


Same here, already reported in another post. no notifications since ~20 days now


Still not working on Android 8.0.0 and Revolut 4.11.0. Any updates?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Still not working here as well. No notifications and I already uninstalled and installed the app.


Started receiving notifications again this morning! :smiley:

Hopefully it stays that way.


I can confirm that this is still NOT fixed for me.

No notifications for 30 days in a row now.


@plasyon47 Could you tell us what device you’re using? (Device + OS version)
I think there might be an issue with Android 8.0 still :thinking: