Not receiving cashback

Did anyone encounter issues with receiving cashback from a “Perks” offer? I have not received anything yet, despite contacting Revolut about this on multiple occassions. Every time they say it will take 90 days. It also states 90 days on their website.

Now day 91 has come and gone, and suddenly they change their excuses and tell me it can be up to 127 days.

This is false advertisement, which is illegal. Is the way forward from here?

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Yes, I encounter the same issue. I bought an AppleWatch in December when Revolut offered a cashback reward to do it. I clicked on the Revolut link and bought the Watch straight by following that path. Surprisingly never received the cashback. And when asking why is this it, the answer from Revolut is “wait”. This was last year and still nothing! It would be useful if other people encountered this same fraud so we can make a formal claim with some regulatory institution.