Not receiving 6 digit verification code


Hi Revolut,

I’ve been trying to send 1380 cad (rent money) to my Canadian bank account via your application and every time I have tried, I am told to enter a verification code. My mobile phone never receives this code.

After 3 days of speaking to support and failing to get any where, I hope we can now get in touch via this messaging board. I think the last person I spoke with was called, ‘Jakub.’ He told me to reinstall the revolut app to my phone.

I followed his advice and now when I try log in to revolut with my phone number, I am asked to enter the same 6 digit verification code just to get in to my account (still can’t receive this code.) I know the phone number linked to my account is correct as I have to enter it to log in.

Really hope to hear back from you soon as I need to send my rent asap and I’m basically locked from my account now.

Anyway, thank you very much,