Not receiving 6 digit code to access revolut on new phone



I have recently changed my phone. I am not receiving the 6 digit code either by text or call. In-app chat support is also not working. Send button is greyed out.
I have updated my phone, updated revolut app, cleared cache, reinstalled revolut app, but still nothing seems to work. Please help


What did you change? Cellphone or phone number?


I have changed my cellphone.


Which one button is greyed? In chat window? This one?

Try to tap it even though…


Yes. That button. Tried pressing. But nothing is happening


How about “enter” on keyboard? Have you tapped it? Doesn’t work too?


When i press enter, cursor goes to the next line


So I think that’s the time for our local Panoramix :wink: @AndreasK can you start doing your magic?


@AndreasK would really appreciate your help. @redi thank you for trying to help

I would like to add that i am on current version of the app , 4.16.0
Also, i am using samsung s8


Which Android version?


Android 8.0.0 that is also updated to latest version available for this handset


Maybe that’s the source of problem…
Mine is 7.0 (app 4.15.2)


It will be very surprising that revolut app wont work with latest android version as they have recently updated the app to version 4.16.0 (after android 8).
Also, when I am trying to get in touch with customer support from my husband’s revolut account, they want me to update to latest android and app version


Where are you based?