Not possible to transfer account from the UK to the EU?

Since the UK is still in the Brexit transition period, and passporting is still in place, I expected to be able to change my address from the UK to the EU, albeit that this would involve transitioning to the Lithuanian entity.

After all, it seems that all 250,000 or so Irish users are having their accounts automatically moved to Lithuania this month. And non-EEA customers were also to be moved automatically (see this thread).

And the in-app FAQ still says that ‘If you are an EEA resident, you can change the address within EEA countries in the app’ - and the UK is still in the EEA this month.

However via Chat I’ve been advised that this isn’t possible, and that I’ll need to close my existing account and reopen another, which would be far more disruptive. If we were in January 2021 I could understand this, but it seems unlikely now.

Is this really the case, or are the help team accessing next year’s rules?

I kind of have the feeling this statement is too broad and not generally applicable. Literally, this would mean every country not in the EEA? A year back it was communicated that Switzerland is not affected by the Brexit as there exist deals between UK and Switzerland to continue operation from the UK for Swiss customers. Switzerland is non-EEA. My account has not been moved up till now. Let’s see if it stays that way.
Then, USA, Australia, etc are non-EEA, but I doubt they will be moved to the LT entity.

I would rather assume there correct statement world be all EEA country users will be moved to the LT entity?! Sadly I can no longer find any relevant entry in the FAQ. As one example, there used to be one explicitly excluding Switzerland from the move to the LT entity.

Here’s the wording from the FAQ re the EEA:

Thanks for this FAQ post. This to me more or less confirms which countries they define as EEA and also that Swiss users as non EEA users will not be subject to transfer to LT.

UPDATE: It has allowed me to create a new Irish account using my original phone number but I had to create a new email address. It seems like a crazy process, I lost money converting my € into £ then back again.

Thanks for the tip - but yes, it is crazy.

I’ve accounts with 2 ‘traditional’ providers and all I had to do was to change my address to my new country. Done online within a minute, and no loss of data or changes to account limits.

I moved from the UK to Germany. I’ve been told by the in-app chat that I need to close my UK account and open a new German one. After the UK account closure though, I can’t open a new German account because I am using the same email address. Since I closed my UK account, why is still my email address reserved? Thanks