Not possible to order a card


Hi revolut,

After I deleted my cards (virtual).

I am unable to order a new card

What should I do?


Strange situation. Best contact Revolut directly about this.

If a Premium user, contact via their support chat, if not, via their Twitter account.


@yout There is a limit to how many virtual cards you can create, so it looks like you’ve made too many! How many have you ordered and deleted?


A lot😅

I spoke to Support and they told me I will be able to order a physical card next month in the app. So I have to wait with ordering my black premium card.

Did not know there is a limit on the app but now I know.

Thanks a lot!


Out of interests how many virtual cards have you created?


Around 10 cards today I was able to re order a premium physical card😊


Why the need for so many virtual cards?


Sorry, but I’m in similar situation… i look for in faq, but only for “change” at the same momento between 2 o 3 dessigns it’s no normal to “close” the possibility to ask for a card. Please, take a look to my problem.