Not making an asked payment

#1 asked for a payment of € 21 on the 28th of october. They got a message of you “Keine Authorisierung. Authorisierung abgelehnt.” The payment is marked as pending.
What did happen? Why was this payment not made?
I now have to pay an extra fee of € 6,15 because the transaction was not fullfilled.


Hi @Sievers,

As I can see the pending payment of €21 is on 7.11.16 and not 28.10.

A pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised but is still awaiting the merchant’s confirmation or reversal. The amount won’t be available on your balance until the merchant either cancels the payment or 10 working days have passed and the money hasn’t been claimed. After this time, your balance should be adjusted automatically.


Thank you for your fast answer.

But it does not answer, why you system has given to the merchant the
notice “not authorized” (in German language). So the merchant thinks the
payment is declined by you and has no reason to make a confirmation.

I still don’t know, what happend.


I cannot answer this question @Sievers, as long as the transaction is still pending I cannot say any further explanation.


Do you think, you could know more, after the 10 days have gone and the
payment is cancelled?


That’s correct! The transaction is still pending merchant’s confirmation or reversal.


most of the times for a decline is a diff address in the merchant and your @revolut account.

i had a typo on mine, and ended up with several issues


Thank you for your hint.

This might have been the reason.


What entry method did you use for this payment? Im not sure if this is the case @FernandoMiguel, your case was slightly different.


My payment was not a contactless payment but a payment asked for by a merchant, whom i had given my credit card details. And perhaps he had a different address of me than revolut (because i’ve two adresses).


Hallo Andreas,

my revolut-app still shows a payment of € 21 from the 7th of november as

In the meantime, there was another payment of just € 1 from the same
merchant ( marked as pending, which vanished inbetweeen.

Now there is a new payment from the same merchant of € 27,25 from the
21th of november marked as completed.

Now my questions are:

Can anybody let the pending sum disappear, so i can spend this money?

Why was this payment from the 7th of november not completed?

Did i make anything wrong?

Did the merchants system anything wrong?

Did the revolut system make a mistake?




Hello, this morning I put gasoline in my scooter for 8,17 € and on my account it is indicated that the transaction is 129 € with the mention “pending” and “this payment is awaiting the merchant’s confirmation Or reversal”.
I am worried, can someone explain to me what is happening?
Thanks in advance.


@Willmore06, this how most self service gas stations work: they block a higher amount beforehand when you authorize your card. The higher amount appears as pending until the final payment, which would be 8,17 EUR in your case, is settled.


Thanks Frank for these clarifications!


You are welcome. Watch the transaction closely the next couple of days. My guess is that the status changes from “pending” to “complete” and the amount miraculously changes.

Since these adjustments to already authorized payments can be confusing: it might be a good idea if @revolut adds notifications for this? They are easy to miss.


Hi, that’s it, it’s settled, the money has been credited in a few hours. In the future, I would know why these things happen. In any case, thanks to the forum members and the technical assistance.