Not happy with the Forum/Trust Level/Mod activity



actually I’m not too happy with this forum since the most Mods are inactive as you can see here on the right side: “Seen”

And I’m very sure that they are more busy ,if they are active/online , with reading trough posts from new member to approve them instead of reading the feedback and all the other stuff (which would be probably one reason why @AndreasK responds so rarely for example)
Right now I have 5-6 Posts which are pending for approvement because my “trust level” ist not high enough and nobody approved them yesterday (So I’m sorry if some answers to a post doesn’t make much sense anymore :smile: ).
I really don’t see any use for this proccess because it’s very time consuming for mods while everyone need to register with his phone number anyways. So if you get banned here, you can’t register anyways.

But either if you disable the approvement mechanic or not. This Forum need more active mods.

Send button not working on chat

Do not worry after some days will be probably lifted and you will freely able to post in real time :slight_smile: .

I’m more worried about the :r: inactivity here leaving all the customers without :r: interaction and thus making them do wild guessing about tons of things for the service, it is a bit foggy experience :slight_smile: but what to do…


Some overview would be nice where users are able too see when they will get the next trust level… :smile:

but yeah some mods are inactive over a year now. I’m not very sure if it should be like that… :smile:


+1 to this. funny thing - I was able to post “in real time” after few moderated posts, and then I was put to moderation again without any reason (or approval is limited to particular topic?). result is that right now I’m giving up helping or answering to most questions placed on this forum, as my answers would most probably appear with significant delay (with approval timestamp instead of actual posting time).



nope in every “area” where I write it need to be approved first

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