Not another outage!


I love the concept of :r: but I do have to carry a backup card just in case. OK for a while but you guys need to sort out these things as I never have that problem with other cards.


They’re moving to an in-house processor early 2018.


Yeah all good but I was in a restaurant with a girl and it leaves a really shitty impression on them when you can’t pay… I completely agree, for the moment carry other cards and cash!


Which will offer at least a 30.99% SLA and capable of managing one and a half concurrent transactions (or even more, who knows). Be ready.


Its total bollocks. I’m standing in a bar extolling the virtues of :r: and then it’s my round. Payment declined. Barman is a good friend so takes the piss out of me whilst I have to ask a mate to pay for the beer. Did a quick check and it’s more than 10 years since this happened to my nasty, horrible, money grabbing high street bank that I have an account with. Sorry guys you really have to improve or one of your best friends is going to say goodbye. The only good news I can offer is the you have lasted almost 2 years whilst Monzo only lasted 2 weeks


Does it work now?