Not able to verify


I made an account and topped-up USD. However, then nothing happens - there is no option to verify my account with ID (I see on these forums that is the next step). So I am stuck after depositing money and cannot find the option to verify - I have looked everywhere in the app, it just tells me to “top up” again.

Please help?

Hello @mjr2000 :slight_smile:

Why do you need to verify your account?
Anyway, you can do so manually through the in-app support team. Click the More, then Support and then click Live chat. Then just type live agent and explain your problem.

Please consider that :r:'s support chat is currently experiencing an ongoing technical issue that’s affecting the chat functionality and therefore this might result in delayed response times or even no response at all.

Hi there. Could you please go More -> Profile -> Verification & limits?

I wrote the in-app support chat and they seemed to have fixed the issue and now I have submitted my ID

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I have the same issue. Who did you talk to

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I can see your account fully active :slight_smile:

Hello, I cannot verify my Revolut at all. Tried many times, sent many photos and selfies but still no luck. Can anyone from Revolut help please?