Not able to verify card for Google Pay


Do somebody know this problem?
I used my Mastercard with Google Pay for quite some time without a problem. However, I had to reset my phone and, therefore, I also had to add the card to Google Pay again. After adding the card details I was asked to verify the card, but there was only one option available: to call the bank (see screenshot).
The number is really from Revolut, but it is only linked to an automatic system for simple things, like locking the card. Verifying the card for Google Pay is not part of the provided possibilities.
Therefore, I asked the support chat of Revolut, how to verify the card, but the agent didn’t know the solution and I should ask Google.
Do anybody have a tip for me, what I can do?

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the same happened to me, but only with the virtual card.


Please note that the Revolut will call you (machine, not real person), so I don’t know where the problem is.


No, sadly not.
The only option provided to verify the card, is calling the displayed number. So when I click on “Continue” the call starts. There is no option Revolut is calling me.
However, at the other end of the line is also a machine (for interacting with a real person, the chat is the only option) and I can navigate through the different possibilities by pressing numbers on the phone. The problem is, this is the generic phone number and there is no option for verifying the card.


Hmmm, I think that there is some error…
Are you able to clean up cache and/ or all data from GPay app?
This is wow it looks like in my case (below).
So as you can see- I’m not able to replicate the same app’s behaviour…


Yeah, last time, I also had the same options as you. Really strange.
I tried to clear the cache/data of Google Pay and also installed an old version from 2018. Same result.
Maybe this error comes from adding the card to Google Pay too often in a short time. In the last months I tried a couple of Custom Roms, because my phone doesn’t receive any update anymore. I always tested the ROM for some weeks and, therefore, also added the card to Google Pay at each time. However, finally I ended up with stock again and now I am not able to set up Google Pay anymore…