Not able to Verify Account

can someone check my ID too. It seems the application stack and i cannot log in or verify i get the notifivation “the verification code or phone number you enteres is incorect” and i cannot do anythnig else.


I’ve been using Revolut for a year+ now with no issues until today. My phone crashed so I had to reset it, which led to re-installing the Revolut app (same phone, same number). I’m stuck at the “Let’s take a quick selfie to check that it’s really you” stage - I take my selfie but when i click on the “continue” button it keeps saying “Oops something went wrong! Please try again later.”

Could you or someone else from the team please help?


I have problem with permanent resident ID. I have a passport size permanent resident ID which onfido doesn’t reconize. Because no human is checking it, I can’t verify it.

Hello. I have same problem for a day now and i uploaded 10 times already and its says failed try again with light i brought my light into the id and my face and its still not working.
Can u please help me?

Hello! I entered in the app the wrong date of birth and my id is getting declined. I cannot change my date of birth in app. My correct date of birth is 20.09.2002. Can you change it for me, please! @AndreasK

Don’t post personal details (phone numbers, etc.) in a public forum.

It says now that I need to be 18 year old, but today, 20.09.2002, I got 18. Please help me!

This is a user forum. We cannot do much for you. You have to contact :r: via social media (twitter or facebook - revolutapp).

Hi I have tried to verify my account multiple times using passport and my public service card and it never works I have money in my account that I can’t access now could you help ?

Hi, I’m having the same issue.I cannot access the app, as I’m locked out and can’t verify my phone number. can anyone help me to fix this? Thank you

Hi, I’ve created an account on Revolutlast week and still not completed.
someone paid me money in euro and i cant transfer it to my bank account.