Not able to register debit card


I have tried multiple times to register my father’s debit card with his Revolut account, however it always fails to do so. Could you please provide assistance? Error message does not specifiy what type of error it is. Furthermore, I am also a new Revolut user, however I was able to succesfully register my debit card with Revolut account by using the same type of debit card from the very same bank as my father uses.

Please help, this is very urgent matter.
Thank you for your assistance.



Dear AndreasK,

I have used my own card to top-up my Revolut account. However, the problem is that my father cannot to-up his revolut account by using his debit card, even though the debit cards which we have, have been issued by the same bank and is the same type.

Would you be able to assist or should I contact support team?



OK I see, could you send me a direct message his phone number?