Not able to make online payment to specific merchant


Hi, I am unable to make online payment to specific merchant in Lithuania, they are using banklink with SwedBank for that service.
I’ve contacted revolut support via app however they were unable to help, merchant also contacted banklink support and they responded with what they see with the transaction happening:

Bank response DECLINED
Acquirer Response 100
Acquirer Message Do not honor

Merchant confirmed that they do accept “prepaid” cards.

Merchants bank is saying that revolut is declining, and revolut support via app is saying that merchant is declining and they are unable to see the reason as payment is instantly “reverted”.

I’m in a loophole and no one seems to be interested in resolving this.
What can be done to investigate this further?


Hi @complexxL9,

I’ll get in touch via a direct message so I can take a closer look into your account.


Andreas K