Not able to get past photo vertification


I keep the following error message when attempting to sign up for a freelancer account:

Make a face photo by camera or manually upload a photo where you hold an identification document next to your face

But of course there’s two faces in the photo. The other is of me in my identification document!

I don’t know how to work around this problem :confused:


Here is one of the photos I’ve tried uploading (with sensitive data blurred out). The boxes on the left and right are both photos of me, so technically there’s three faces in the photo, not two.


I don’t think it’s the issue but try hidding the second photo of on your driving licence with a piece of paper.

After several failures it will be handled manually by a real human…you’ll have to wait but it will work…

( I don’t know your personal situation but I see that you have a NZ driving licence, :r: is opened in NZ ? You already have a NZ Personal account ? )