Non present transactions

An app verification would do absolutely nothing. I’m portuguese, and the problem of toll booths either attended or unattended not accepting certain cards is a known issue.

An offline terminal has absolutely no connectivity so it wouldn’t know of any toggle you do in an app or any directive Revolut has.

For this specific example the cards are authorized by type. The issue with Portuguese toll booth is that pretty much every card issued in Portugal is NOT purely a Visa or Mastercard. The cards are all dual network cards. They have the Multibanco network for national use and some international network, either Visa or MasterCard for international travel.

Since Multibanco has virtually a monopoly of POS terminals and ATMs and everyone uses it since it’s more advanced (a lot more features) and cheaper for banks and retailers (lower fees), support for Visa or MasterCard is iffy at best, Revolut or anything else.

I encounter the same problems with a Deutsche Bank card that is Visa Debit and doesn’t have Multibanco support, a rarity around here