Non existent Customer Service


Hello my account was just locked while I tried to make a transfer. I have verified the cards on my account and called my bank as well.

I have been waiting for chat support for over an hour and no response, I have messaged the twitter account and I was ignored. When I try and call the number I get an error and it cuts off. They money has let my bank account.

This is spectacular bad customer service.

can someone advise?


Hey @latecarrot :slight_smile:

Don’t spend money calling - it’s an automated phone line and will be of no use for your problem :frowning:.

@JamesW already answered you on another thread, and he’s right. Unless you can upgrade to the premium trial to enjoy 24/7 support, there’s not much you can do right now (and even traditional banks close at night) :wink:



I was chatting with myself for hours before they closed and I was completely ignored. No response at all. Quite frustrating.

Thanks for responding anyway. Hope to hear from a human being tomorrow or at least get my money back.


I’m having the same issue. I moved to another country and my company gave me a new phone. I can’t even access the card anymore because it’s not available here. So I can’t chat through the app and when I call the only option it gives is if you want to block your card. How the hell do i get my money off of the stupid app


Hey @latecarrot :slight_smile:

That’s bad. Consider reaching Revolut on Twitter if they haven’t solved your problem by now. If that doesn’t help, consider making a formal complaint.


@Juliopp I had the same problem, been talking to myself for hours now. Account was blocked when I tried to make an online purchase for no apparent reason and I really need to book this flight and they just don’t respond.


Hey @Yas89 :slight_smile:

I don’t work for :r:, but the people on Twitter do. They’re usually pretty fast there :slight_smile:


I know @Juliopp, I just saw you were so kind to reply to other people’s posts. I don’t have a twitter account any other option?


Of course @Yas89 :smile:

Just wanted to clarify it so there was no misunderstanding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can also go with Facebook:


Thank you @Juliopp! Hope it gets fixed soon! I just wanted to buy a damn plane ticket :sweat_smile:


Come back and tell if you succeed, @Yas89 :sunny:


Thanks guys, I got mine sorted. I had to send them a screenshot of my statement.


Perfect, @latecarrot :smile::star2:


I got a very fast reply on Facebook, my account was unblocked. Booked the flight again, card got charged but didn’t get confirmed by the airline so now I’m stalking their customer service :joy:. Not sure why they wouldn’t accept the card.


See, @Yas89? :slight_smile:

It was fast in the end! I’m glad :smile:

Take into account some airlines will not accept cards without 3DSecure. If this is the case, or if the transaction isn’t completed by the seller, it will be refunded back to your account within 7 days (but a smaller period of 1-2 hours is common) :wink:


@Juliopp, yes I’m glad they replied through Facebook! It would be a shame if the airline doesn’t accept the card because that is actually exactly what I got this card for, to do all my online bookings :tired_face:


Yup I have sorted this for you :slight_smile:


Does this mean I will be able to use my card to book with airlines online (once they approve/return my money)?


I mean I helped you to unlock your account :slight_smile:


Indeed, thank you for that @AndreasK! However, I hope I will be able to go through with my purchase, otherwise I have no use of a Revolut card if it is not accepted for online payments.