non-authorised payment form my account

how do I report non-authorised payment form my account? Can I get the money back?

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Hi @hanleyp and welcome to the user forum
Your best plan is to report this [in the app] or [get help on Social Media]


Hello @hanleyp :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. Sorry to hear about your unauthorized payment. :frowning_face:

If you don’t recognise a card payment, please block your card immediately to secure your account:

  1. Select that card in the “Cards” section
  2. Tap on “Freeze

After freezing the card:

  • Review the payment and see if you recall providing your card details or making a physical payment to this merchant in the past. Open your Transactions list and search it there.
  • If you were charged the same amount by the same merchant monthly, it might be a subscription. Refer to this FAQ about subscriptions to find out what steps to take if you don’t recognise a payment.
  • A merchant can also send a so-called ‘delayed’ payment, if they had trouble processing the transaction for the first time. In this case, the original payment may be reverted, and a ‘delayed’ payment charged instead. Try to recall if you paid the same amount before.

If you are sure, this payment was done fraudulently:

  • From your transaction history, select the relevant payment, tap Get help, and select the option that suits your case
  • Add as much information as you can to explain the reason for your dispute
  • Attach all the relevant documents to maximise our chance of success

Hope this helps!

SG | Community Team

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