Nobody to answert the chat


I have an issue to solve but nobody is giving me an answer through the Revolut chat, for more than 24 hours now. Does anyone know how to reach their team apart from the chat?


Welcome to the seemingly growing number of dissatisfied Revolut ‘users’. I’ve given up hope, as soon as I get access to the £10k of my money they are holding, I hope to never have the misfortune to use them again. A lot of promise and very little delivery.


I have this problem too. My last chat was redirecting me to the verification team as I have large sums of money I need to transfer and nobody answers and my last chat was never closed. This is frustrating as I have crypto I want to cash in ASAP


I have exactly the same problem as you, when did they redirect you to the verification team?


I don’t know if they did. This is the last message I got:

“Thank you for getting in touch with us today! We have a specific team that deals with the verification process and I will pass you to them now. Due to a high demand on their service it can take longer than expected for them to get in touch with you, however once they do, the verification process should be smooth.”

Since then nothing. No replies. No contact at all.


Hi there.

Apologies for the long wait. Your queries have been escalated to our compliance team. An agent will contact you via in-app chat as soon as possible.