Nobody replies to my questions- unprofessional behaviour


Hi all,

Unfortunately i decided to go for revolute. Big mistake. After £10 top up i tried to activate my account. I have been asked to top up more. After £10 extra i tried to top up. I have been asked to top up more!!! So ridiculous!!! I contacted revolute via live chat. They asked me to upload some documents. 14 hours later nobody replies to my questions!!! So unprofessional, so ridiculous!!!

I am thinking to close my account and ask for refund!

My worsted experience so far…

So far they stole my money and got disappeared!



Since nobody replies to me then they stole the money! Nobody said to ke to wait for 14 hours.

Can i cancel everything and get rid of Revolut?


How can i get rid of Revolut? And get my stolen money back?


The money is not stolen. You need to complete the verification process. This is required by eu law that financial institutions know their customers. This is in order to hinder money laundering etc.

Please reply to the questions asked by @alessandro so we can give you our best guess about what went wrong or why you are waiting longer than normal :slight_smile:

To get your money back you need to wait for a support agent to answer you. Either way you have to wait :slight_smile:


I just need to get rid of Revolut. After the way the treated me i do not want to deal with this anymore. Cancellation of everything. The stolen money back and finish!


You will have to wait to a support agent to get back to you. Either to transfer the funds back or to complete the verification.


To complete the verification it will take days or months based on the professional way they work. So, no other option.


After waiting for 15 hours so far without any reply this is the most reasonable period.


Can you make sure that this will finish fast? I have uploaded the documents 15 hours ago!


Yesterday was weekend. You are most likely waiting inline for their compliance team. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of days.

We can’t guarantee anything. We are just users/fans of Revolut helping our peers with their questions when we can.


Nobody replied so why i should know about the period? Do you want to tell me that what the did was right???


Dude you need to relax. Can you post a screenshot of the chat you had ?


I am waiting for an agent the last 15 hours so everything you said about waiting for an agent was a Revolute joke! Today is Monday!


In any case is not your fault. If they do not reply to me today i will be thinking about getting legal action for the stolen money.


Dude relax. It was the weekend and the compliance team is most likely not available on the weekend. Yes today is monday, 15 hours ago it was sunday.

You can try to type “Resolved” and then “live agent” again to see if that resets the chat. That would also have been my first solution for you. If you had just relaxed and answered the questions we asked in order to help you!

If you really want help then you need to answer these questions:

  • Are you based in the UK?
  • Is your account registered with a British address?
  • Did you top-up with a British debit card? Is your account verified?
  • Did you provide the requested documents?


Yes in UK
Yes British address
Yes top up with a British verified bank card
I have uploaded the documents 15 hours ago

Why nobody replied to me that i have to wait??? All the rest are excuses! They treated me vary bad!


No did not. Unless you can provide a screenshot showing how bad they treated you.


How to send you images? To send you a screenshot to see that after 12 hours since i contacted Revolut a guy named Eugene asked me to give him 1 minute to check my case. After 2.5 hours he didn’t come back to me… 2.5 hours ago was Monday! Not even to tell me that i have to wait… because of that i got angry!


Hey @imarras :slight_smile:

You’re free to get as angry as you want. However, that:

  • will not make your problem be resolved faster
  • will not make @henrikbjorn or @alessandro or any other person here helping you voluntarily happier to try to help you
  • will not make the statement :r: is stealing me suddenly become true

KYC verifications might, in certain cases, take longer than expected, and that can be up to 3-4 days. Is that inconvenient? Highly. Could it be handled better? Sure. Does it mean :r: is stealing from you? No.

Are you free to get angry? Sure. You’re also free, remember, to file a complaint if you’re not satisfied. However, I think that, considering you just signed up and you’ve only been waiting for 6 and a half “working” hours, this is a pretty reasonable situation :wink:

One last thing, the product is called Revolut :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, yes i am new in Revolut.

So i should judge based on my personal experience. So, i transfer money to Revolute and after that they got disappeared. Is this normal? Legal? NO

I have been told to wait for 1 minute. After so many hours, is this professional? NO

Am i wrong? If yes, tell me why? I cannot accept cheap excuses. The guys here tried to calmed me down. They cannot solve my problem unfortunately…