Nobody in chat?!

Hi everyone, I’m trying to contact customer support in the chat for already few hours and so far no reply…I transferred a sizable amount of money and I cannot Log to my Revolut account-card problem.
In these cases I’d like to be able to talk-chat to someone …but it looks like nobody listening.
‚Bot’ Told me to wait 6min…
Revolut dont respect clients time…

Nobody from verification team contacted me since I asked yesterday. Today I asked again, but it seems it’s impossible to get some help

Hey @MartynasM :slight_smile:

It can take up to 96 hours for an agent to be assigned to your case and the chat will be sadly unresponsive until then :frowning:

So much for premium client privileges? Verification impossible

Problem solved.
Omur from support solved problem
Thank You