Nobody in chat?


I have be in the chat for what feels like hours now and no one has been able to chat to me. I need urgent help with my account. Is chat active or not?


I’ve been waiting for them in the chat since 3 days and nobody answer me…

I’m so dissapointed


It’s ridiculous, they urge you to use it so much but you literally can’t!


Hey @hxg128 and @Cattell96 :slight_smile:

It seems verifications are taking way longer than they should due to unprecedented demand…
Consider reaching :r: through any of these methods:


Where are the revolut people???


@AndreasK are you able to help please been blocked for over a day now. No response from anyone on how to resolve this. Sent emails, twitter messages nothing where are you All!!!


I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.

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