No withdrawal fees in home country and more!


I love Revolut!

Clean design. They bring features out quick and the overall experience is just awesome! But I want to make Revolut my full time and only bank account! Here’s what I think is missing…

  1. Account Switching
  2. Interest in vaults
  3. No fees on withdrawals in your home country (for example no charges in the UK for me but charged everywhere else).
  4. MasterCard 3D secure
  5. Imagery for more merchants
  6. Direct debits
  7. A credit card offered by Revolut and not a third party credit (thing).
  8. Move away from the third party stuff as much as possible. We love Revolut.
  9. Different levels of premium (I.e with and without mobile phone insurance).
  10. Fix notifications? I don’t always seem to get them when I spend(?)