No Verify Account button



I’ve recently tried to make a withdrawal to my bank account to which it didn’t work. Went through the in app chat and was told I need to verify my identity.

Went to the place where it is meant to be located and all it says it my available limit up can top up.

Went back to the in app chat and the advisor stated I would be passed over to the relevant team to which I’ve had no response.

Now I’m currently unable to get this transfer back into my account.

Any help would be grateful.



Hey @bmayston :slight_smile:

The “relevant team” is currently taking long to answer. If you need your query to be handled faster, you can ping :r: through Twitter to see if they can do anything about it.


Thanks! Actually did that yesterday and it all got sorted very quick :slight_smile: forgot I made this post


Glad to hear that it’s sorted out! :slight_smile: