No verification code on bank statement



I signed up for Revolut this week and made my first couple of payments with Android pay.

I wanted to make a bigger payment so decided to link my debit card.

I’m now locked out of my account and am supposed to enter a verification code from my previous transactions to get back in.

The issue is that none of my previous transactions have any kind of verification code at all.

I contacted support through the app and was told my conversation would be escalated. That was at 11am and I heard nothing since.

What can I do here? I seem to be completely blocked out with no way back in.


(Screenshot of my support chat. This is unacceptable in my opinion. I can’t actually view the upload myself so God knows if it’s worked!)



Hey @MikeLaserbeam :slight_smile:

The screenshot was not properly uploaded for some reason :frowning:

If you happen to have a Twitter account, messaging :r: through there usually does the trick :wink:


If your bank does not provide you with a complete payee identification, you should request it. I had a similar problem with Czech Hellobank.

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