No update for Android-10

Hello, I use Android 10 on my phone.
It seems, there is no update for the Revolut App anymore.
When I start revolut App, it shows a warning, my version is old and one day should
not work anymore. What can I do?
Thanks for help.


Hello @klauz Welcome to the community. :wave:

We are sorry to hear about this. Could you please try the below troubleshooting steps?

  1. Check if you are able to go to Google Store and update the Revolut app.
  2. Try to update the Android system as well.

Let me know if this works. :pray:

Veda | Community team

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Hi Veda, thanks for your hints.

  1. This I tried already without success. I send you some screenshots and also translations of them, as they are in German.
    picture 1: My Revolut-App Version.
    picture 2/3: Warning when I start Revolut App.
    picture 4/5: Message in Google-PlayStore.

  2. There is no Android update possible.


Thank you for sharing these screenshots with us @klauz. To investigate this further and provide a resolution I would kindly request you to reach out to us via :pray:

Veda | Community Team

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