no up fee - where is the catch?

Hi there,
I have noticed I can top up my CZK account with credit card and no fees. I am now wondering, where is the catch? I thought that banks charge businnesses a few % when people use credit cards to pay…

Hey @Averroes :slight_smile:

There’s no catch

As long as it’s a customer credit card issued in the UE, you won’t be charged :wink:

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And it is not recognised for some reason as business card :slight_smile:

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Definitely, but that’s not a fee charged by :r:, but by your bank. My bank doesn’t recognize :r: charges as cash advances.

I believe that hat some cc issuers do treat top ups as a cash advance - best to check with the issuer to be sure.

My credit card don’t see it as cash advance, no fees :slight_smile:
But as far i’m aware, it’s against T&C to use fee free credit card top up and use it as cash advance.

And your bank doesn’t recognise merchand code as connected with cash/ transfer. Citi Poland will always treat topup Revolut account using credit card as a paid, because of Revolut’s MCC- 4829

Isn’t it MCC- 6012 (Financial Institutions - Merchandise & Services)?
I though 4829 is only if it’s topped-up with Apple Pay

That’s actually interesting - it would be good if Revolut had a list of banks that charge a fee (per country) and show a warning message while doing top-up with a card from these banks.

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It would be great to have such list.
In case on MCC- it was discussed between me, Revolut and Citi on Twitter. It has finished by complaint. They (Citi) refunded me but said that this is their good will :wink: and they won’t do that in the future.

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