No top-up, No Support

I have a newish Revolut card. I topped up with no problem a couple of times. I now have a new bank card. All the details are correcly entered into the app. I now get a screen that says, “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”. No top up occurs - the transaction is “Reverted”. On trying to get support through “Live Chat”, I am told that it’ll take 24 hours for a response. That’s not live!

Try to logout then login again.

OK - I can’t see on the very minimalist App screen anywhere that I can positively log out. I can close the app - certainly - and I need the PIN to get back in - but do I need to do something more definite?

I have also asked the question on FB - and I HAVE had a response from them, asking for my phone number - so that’s a good deal better than the in-App chat! We’ll see what transpires!!!

And just in case- to logout go to:
More> Profile> then go to very bottom and tap Log out :wink:

Thanks! These things are simple when you know your way around…

I think this is now resolved. The problem appears to be that Revolut does not support 3D security on a card. It could be that this security is updated on my new bank card - or whatever. It is interesting that my new card DID work - once!

I have successfully (I think!) updated it by bank transfer (though that takes up to 3 working days to appear on Revolut) - and I have now resurrected an old account with a different bank. I’ve transferred money into that and - hooray! - that does the top-up perfectly well.

So I’ve now got a route through which I can manage my Revolute account. It wasn’t what I had planned - but it works…

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