No top up from italian bank account


I tried now to top up my Revolut from an italian bank account.
It doesn’t work, it tells me that IBAN and BIC code do not match and it’s impossible to proceed the transfer.
Is this a bug? How can I do to process the top up?


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See here:

Don’t be intimidated by the length of that thread. If you scroll down to about 50 %, the problem you’re having is discussed there.


Thanks @Frank, I see :slight_smile:
I’m going on my holiday trip in a week, I just want to know if it’d be possible to top up my card by bank account so that is for free, I think it’s a great idea :wink:
But I didn’t find anything about the bug resolution.:v:


Before Revolut introduced the new personal IBAN, they used a generic IBAN: Every customer transferred money to that same account, and a “reference code” was used to allocate the money to a customer’s card. This bank account still works and could be used for top ups. Put in the reference code as the only text for the transfer.

I would recommend to try it out with a small amount before sending all your vacation money on the way.

The important reference no. can be deprived from your personal IBAN: it is the last 8 digits of your personal EUR IBAN.

See here for the other informations:

Beneficiary: Revolut LTD
IBAN: GB98 LOYD 3080 1286 5682 90

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Many thanks man!!! i will try!!! :v::v::v::v:


tried from to move Euros - it only asks for IBAN and it works.

tried from to move Euros - it asks for IBAN and BIC and it doesn’t work - as IBAN and BIC are from two different countries. Opened a support ticket with and they acknoldeged the techical issue and directed to their call center, with high transaction charges compared to free EUR SEPA transfers via online channel. Ditch Fineco, go Revolut !


Thanks for posting.
I think it would actually be a good idea to point all of these issues here to that alternative IBAN so people with problems can find it.


this still works?

on the name of the transfer, I only need to put the last 8 digits of my personal IBAN?

when you say personal iban, you are referring to my own iban from my bank, or the iban that the revolut app shows?

so, the data is:

beneficiary: Revolut LTD
iban: GB98 LOYD 3080 1286 5682 90
comments: my last 8 digits

–> how will revolut link the 8 digits to me?