no support to beneficiary

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this morning I tried to create a beneficiary (in Russia) but got the message ‘Due to internal security reasons, we no longer support this beneficiary.’
This came to a surprise to me since the option is there but then you are stopped at the last minute. Transfers were working last week, I am not aware we were informed of such restrictions.
Is there a way I can transfer some money to a Russian account, as I need to do it urgently?


It looks like the issue isn’t linked to Russia itself but to the beneficiary.

Is the bank banned ? Or the beneficiary? By EU, ONU or USA?

The week before the beneficiary did a trail of EUR15 and all worked fine. I now cant even add as a beneficiary. I have no idea and support were of not much help unfortunately.
So I understand that there is some ray of light re transfers to Russia

What does it means? Did the beneficiary was able to send you money last week or you did it ?

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the beneficiary could post a transaction, sending money to itself. Now he is not able to send any money (from Revolut to Bank account)
I tried creating the beneficiary with his bank account to try it out, and again it did not work. I was stopped when trying to setup the beneficiary.

Not sure why this beneficiary is blocked. No one could help me to confirm if it is an issue with the bank. Surely its not the beneficiary.


Was your issue resolved in the end? I get the same error for a beneficiary at Sberbank. SWIFT: SABRRUMM


Was unable to send money to myself, with Gazprombank, Russia, in euro. “Beneficiary not supported”.

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