No support response since yesterday lunch


I urgently need your support but nobody is responding since yesterday lunch.


Please contact me urgently


Unless I hear from you this morning I will have to contact the financial authorities - it’s unacceptable that you since Tuesday have not credited my account with the incoming transfer and I’m trying to get a sign of life from your support since yesterday lunch and nobody is responding anywhere.


Been trying for over one month to get support help. Daughter took out a card for vacation problem verifying it, screen says 10 min wait to verify that was 6 weeks ago. Currently in New York and she can’t use card or do anything with the money she put in it. Money is basically sitting there she can’t even get it out. Absolutely shocking service , seems as if you are only interested in the premium users now and have forgotten the others
Complaints to ofcom or whoever to follow


The last time entrust you my money - I will make sure that I get them back and then close down my account. Your service is great when it works, but as a financial institution it is impossible to deal with people who do not respond when there are issues. Financial services are ALWAYS (and very very exceptionally not) time sensitive - that’s why issue handling is soo critical. Still hope to hear from someone this morning!


What is the problem? maybe we can help.


The transfer made into my account on Tuesday has still not been credited to my account - as it is a local uk transfer it should have been done by now. Could someone check incoming funds on my account to see what needs to be done manually to apply the funds?


My situation is exactly the same. I was planning to move money to revolut, since I am closing one of my accounts - but how long should I wait? Unbelievable. And I am talking about high value of money. I expect someone to at least look at our problems, but cannot contact anyone on inapp chat. That is simply not proffesional.


Hi all,

Was very happy with the service and yet yesterday three attempts to pay a hotel in Indonesia failed without a reason. It says ‘please contact our support’ in the notes and yet I cannot reach anyone.

Hope to get it fixed as soon as possible.


6 hours and still waiting for support to answer about declined payments (2 times). Imposible


Very worrisome - someone reached out but not able to locate the payment. Still at a status quo in terms of issue resolution since Thursday last week!


It is a pity that lack of customer service is killing my confidence in Revolut, they are handicapping their clients through total absence at the ‘moment of truth’ (ie when the client is actually going to use the service).