No Support Response - No escalation



I linked my revolut account to my coinbase a few weeks ago, and sent a sum of money on the 8th of Jan for a family vacation.

The money did not arrive. Coinbase say the payment is verified and complete but Revolut premium support will not answer any questions. They simply ‘escalate’ the issue and the thread goes quiet for hours.

Is this normal, is the service like this… kind of surprised as i’ve only heard good stuff, but we were going on holiday with this money this weekend and i’m getting fairly agitated as no one will answer anything.

Does anyone know a way this can be escalated ?

Many thanks,


Hi, @AndreasK is there any chance someone could take a look at this. ITs been over 10 days now and i’m on the edge of cancelling a vacation. Many thanks.


Hi Simon. I’ve replied to your direct message on Twitter. A member of our compliance team should be with you shortly.


Andreas K.